Palms Sports ‘Social Support Program’

We are very pleased to introduce Palms Sports ‘Social Support Program’

Palms Sports is cognizant of the tremendous changes to our day to day lives and as such developed a platform manned by a specialist, each in their designated fields, to support our dear family of employees, their families, relatives, and the community as a whole if need be. We have and continue to be very fortunate for the continued support we receive and we are very keen to reflect our gratitude in any which way we can.


The Social Support Program will include thorough online counseling and a broad range of online classes to include Jiu-Jitsu, physical conditioning, nutrition & weight management, sculpting, information technology etc. The program will also avail practical online support for those seeking assistance for distance-learning with their children.


We wish you wellness and pray for a quick end to this pandemic- stay safe.