The sports day sessions will be held remotely each day through three live broadcasts on Microsoft Teams. The first session will take place from 9am on Friday morning and will finish at 11am. The Lunchtime session will be 2pm until 3pm, and the evening session of the day will take place from 5pm until 7pm. The sessions will include yoga, gymnastics, athletics, football, zumba, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Crossfit and many more.

The link will be live from 08.45am on Friday 10th April

Sports events such as this enhance the goals of the Ministry of Education’s vision, which encourages students to practice sports and physical activity as an essential part of daily life.

The Stay Home Sports Day is a good opportunity to apply the modern integrated curriculum for the subject of Physical Education – targeting all levels of education in a way that enhances the Ministry’s orientations towards providing students with the basic ingredients to live a healthy, active life both physically and mentally.


Stay Home Sports Day Schedule