Our Mission

Inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle through diverse, quality recreational opportunities. Enhance lifelong learning and good habits through the practice of sports and martial arts and provide fully-customized sport services for the benefit of our clients and communities through sports-based skills, tools, and values that can improve lives in other ways.

Our Vision

Develop a mentally and physically active community that possesses the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the continued desire to achieve.

Our Values

Excellence: We provide highly-effective and customized training programs that inspire our communities to achieve their potential.
Healthy Life Style: We enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being by developing an appreciation of physical fitness and a long term commitment to health.
Leadership: Our programs develop leadership skills and encourage initiative and responsibility.
Discipline: We provide the tools that help to develop self-discipline and self-control across every area in life.
Determination: We help our clients to develop an unwavering focus to the attainment of success.
Sportsmanship: We believe that essential life qualities can be obtained through sports such as the acceptance of rules, affiliation with opponents and acceptance of outcome.
Self-confidence: We generate self-confidence and enable the skills acquisition necessary to overcome life challenges.

Our Goals

Create programs that are customized to the needs of our clients and communities.
Provide versatile, highly-efficient and effective services.
Enrich the mental and physical capabilities of UAE Nationals and the community through the consistent practice of sports.

Our Programs Objectives

Teach life values through engagement in sports.
Find ways to integrate sports into daily lives.
Create customized plans to suit individual needs.
Find a new and exciting approach to training.
Maximize athletic potential.
Increase body awareness, confidence, and self-esteem.
Increase the enjoyment of sports and physical activity.