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What We Do

Palms Sports is a one-stop shop for the complete spectrum of sports management and training needs of our esteemed and valued partners.

Our tried and tested approach allows us to manage programs, projects, investments, and ventures to world-class, and often industry-first, standards.

knowledge, experience, and expertise

Sport Management & Marketing

In order to build overall success, we are cognizant that sports programs must be opportunely managed and marketed. We bring the knowledge, experience, and expertise of premium sports management and marketing.

Sports Consultancy

We serve as trusted consultants for a number of national and global partners, with projects ranging from destination management, through to league establishment, to investment thesis and due diligence.

actively manages an additional 10 companies


Palms Sports now actively manages an additional 10 companies, ranging from sports apparel and equipment distribution, to virtual reality gaming, through to a thriving network of private schools.

a water-tight operational blueprint

Sports & Community Programs

Fueled immensely by the world-renowned Schools Jiu-Jitsu Program – over the past 12 years Palms Sports has effectively developed a water-tight operational blueprint for scalable sports training programs. The blueprint has been combined with our in-house teams of renowned experts to successfully expand Palms Sports’ services across a growing plethora of additional activities within the education system.

Sports Equipment

Palms Sports provides the complete range of sports equipment and uniforms, benefitting from over a decade in the market and substantial purchase volumes to ensure our partners are offered the best solutions and rates, combined with seamless design and delivery.

Event Management

Palms Sports delivers some of the largest events of their kind, anywhere in the world – ranging from Guinness World Record attempts, through to sports competitions in excess of 10,000 competitors, to press conferences and product launches. Further contributing to our event management abilities are recent acquisitions specializing in the domain, allowing us to bring a wider spectrum of services in-house and thus offer our clients and competitors elevated levels of service and confidence.

Sports Facilities

Operating in over 350 locations across the UAE, Palms Sports offers facilities management services to our valued partners. Through our diverse and growing network of subsidiaries we are able to provide a substantial portion of services and operations in-house.