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Palms Sports Acquires 80% Stake in Yas Physiotherapy Center

Abu Dhabi, UAE; May 23, 2024: Palms Sports (ADX: PALMS), an Abu Dhabi-based global sports management company and the world’s largest Jiu-Jitsu training provider, a subsidiary of International Holding Company (ADX: IHC), announced today the formalization of the acquisition of Yas Physiotherapy Center, Abu Dhabi’s elite musculoskeletal and sports injury treatment and rehabilitation clinic.

This acquisition aligns with Palms Sports’ investment strategy to diversify and expand its investments into new segments and verticals. Recognizing the critical importance of the healthcare sector, Palms Sports is committed to enhancing its portfolio with assets that provide significant value and growth potential for stakeholders and shareholders alike. The inclusion of Yas Physiotherapy Center not only strengthens Palms Sports’ presence in the healthcare industry but also supports its long-term vision of contributing to the well-being of the community and delivering enhanced value to shareholders.

Commenting on the transaction, Fouad Darwish, CEO of Palms Sports, said: “The acquisition of Yas Physiotherapy Center is complementary to Palms Sports’ core business of sports training. As a premier sports training provider, Palms Sports understands the vital role that physical therapy plays in athlete recovery and performance optimization. By integrating a specialized physical therapy clinic into our operations, we will offer a more comprehensive suite of services to our stakeholders and partners, promoting holistic health and peak physical condition”.

This strategic move underscores Palms Sports’ dedication to innovation and excellence, ensuring that athletes receive the highest standard of care and support throughout their training journey.

Yas Physiotherapy Center provides cutting-edge, non-surgical treatment for acute injuries, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation. Its suite of services includes shock wave therapy, dry-needling, isokinetic test and exercise, CAD/CAM orthotics, among others.